Friday, May 9, 2014

Words & Actions

“Righteousness is a gift that comes to those who bring peace with their hands and tongues”

Righteous character yields trust in relationships, better jobs, and a better life all together.

Righteousness is a virtue that comes to people who strives to create peace amongst people with deeds and actions. This is important because in order to become of good moral standing we sometimes think that we need to pray or meditate more. 

The truth is prayer and meditation have to align with actions brought about by our hands.

Tongue is the most difficult for us to control, not cause we want to backbite, but because we release stress through talking. Words help release stress which is negative, unfortunately this negativity builds up more and more. Rendering a self fulfilling prophecy.

Exerting self restraint in matters of speech proves very fruitful in building positive energy and positive outcomes in relationships and life in general.

By Jana Sharaf
Public affairs, Philosopher, and Founder of "NOON EVE"

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