Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Motivate a woman to be a better woman

New year, new you. There are definitely lot of advices out there on how to motivate a woman to be a better woman. But I would like to focus on two words: You Matter.

You're going to say "TWO WORDS??!". Yes, two words when understood well can make whole of a difference.
Being valued for who you are not for what you know. Women forgets sometimes that they are essential in the world.
When we tell a young woman that she matters, we are inviting her into a life of service and action. Leadership is hard work and it comes with real responsibility. We help young leaders grow when we give them both, by telling them that they matter, and are accountable for it.
To matter means to be of consequence or importance to others.
It means you are significant, relevant, worthy of note and of crucial value. The world may not always affirm this. Your friends and family may not adequately communicate the importance of your presence in their lives.
But that doesn’t mean that what you do and who you are doesn’t have a profound impact on the world.
It does. The world would be a very different place – a lesser place – without you.
Happy New Year everyone! 

By Heidi Shebaro

Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Packing/ Buying your Inner Self

Every once in a while we go on holiday, move house or simply pack to go on a business trip. Just before our trip we shop for presents or we don’t, and just before our trip we think of the destination and how everything will be new or how you will continue your project. No matter the reason for your travels, packing is a very spiritual concept for those aware of what they are doing.

While you pack, your mind classifies what is important and what is not, your true prioritize starts to show. Whether it is in matters of packing or shopping for that trip, if you observe your thoughts carefully enough, you will notice a pattern of deeply rooted EGO, SATAN! Am I buying this to impress people, to be comfortable, do I care more about the image of how much money I make in front of my friends and family.... Those thoughts and categorization patterns are vital to understanding your inner workings and your intentions.. 

If you are not packing to go anywhere just observe your self while you do your Christmas shopping, is your x boss getting a better present than your mom just so you can prove to him how much money you make... This short blog is not to tell you the right or wrong prioritize, it's simply giving you a means to better understanding of your inner self. Priorities are very important as what you focus on in life grows and if your priority is to show love then that will grow, but if it is to show vainly things off then your vanity will grow.. 

Merry X Mas and Happy New Year I hope this small practical tool can help you shift your priorities thus making room for real things that make you happy!

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Happy APP

Happy App

As the pressure in our lives increases, our detachment from each other increases. The sale of Happy APP has become one of the fastest growing industries. It seems almost certain in my head that in the next year someone will make an Iphone App that downloads happiness. The manipulation that our ego is the root cause of all our problems joining cults, that mould you to their structure only to feed the sharks at top of the food chain has become very popular these days.

This is not to say that those institutions don’t have a noble cause behind them, but this noble cause comes only to create superiority to their message, to their members and to exclude others as less enlightened or worthy. These causes don’t pay fundamental respect for orphans rights, human rights, also other integral human and tolerance issues that surround the poor, the needy and the disabled.

They sell us stories, stories of high morality, beliefs that we have not earned or do not deserve what we have and what we do have is meant to be shared. The sharing comes at the expense of the middle group never the top or the bottom. The bottom volunteer with their efforts and are discriminated against in the name of self discipline.The ego is one of the best ways a person gets programmed to fit a structure, maybe we are meant to live in structures, maybe this is not a bad idea. 

On the other hand look truly inside when you are a part of this system are you striving to become more enlightened as that is ego driven motive, are you there to become a teacher, a someones soul mate cause that is ego competing with ego and you have simply replaced your free life for a new program that most likely is making you more miserable using fancy words, suppressing deep insecurities and fears as suddenly that institution has and includes all your life.

By Jana Sharaf

Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Law of Attraction: My Way

When I was 17 years old, I didn't know much about the power of the mind. I was in my room reading and I wanted "cotton candy", something I haven't had since I was a little kid, and was close to impossible to get.

I thought, "How will I get it?". I mean I was in the room, no shops around me that sell it, no one in the house to ask to go buy it for me....

I decided to draw a "cotton candy". I was so sure that tonight I will have some. I visualized that I would surely get it, and how happy I was to get my cotton candy.

I never read before about the LAW OF ATTRACTION. I don't think lot of people explained how it works back then.


Later that night, my dad came home from work with "cotton candy" in his hand. How did he know? Who told him? I mean it's been years since we had it, and it's not like we talked about it the night before or anything... But I got it! I got what I wanted.

Now I understand how it works. The law is so simple, THOUGHTS become THINGS. What you THINK is what you GET. Whether it was "cotton candy", that Ferrari car, or flying to the moon, I just want to tell you, GO get your dreams!

By Heidi Shebaro

Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fight or Flight

Imagine, it is somewhat around midnight, you are walking alone down a dark deserted street and then you hear steps right behind you. Or imagine you are a student, doing your final exam; you turn over the paper and see the questions you have never seen before. In both situations your heart will probably start beating faster, skin will get gold and you will start breathing extensively. When you perceive danger, a part of your brain sends a nerve impulse and hormones are released into the bloodstream, causing these changes to hopefully sharpen your senses and make you perform at the best of your abilities. This is so-called “fight or flight” phenomenon.
Fight-or-flight response can be defined as a “sequence of internal activities triggered when an organism is faced with a threat; prepares the body for combat and struggle or for running away to safety; recent evidence suggests that the response is characteristic only of males”.
For many years the idea that in the face of stress, the organism either fights or  takes flight, was predominant and the only truth in psychology. However this universal low of Western psychology was once questioned by Shelly Tailor and her students (2000) at the University of California. Interestingly, they found that the hundreds of studies of the fight or flight response to stress were done on…males. Male albino rats, male monkeys, male humans. The outcomes of those studies were that in the face of stress we either fight (therefore are strong, “real men”) or we fail…Furthermore, we respond alone, we are either “lonely heroes” or “lonely wimps”.
When Taylor and colleagues replicated these studies on females, a very different picture emerged. Facing the stress, females tend to move towards others, they start taking care of, move towards close proximity, groom and communicate. This phenomenon was called “tend and befriend” response. It was suggested, that one part of it can be determined biologically, that there is a release of oxytocin (“bonding hormone”) for females when they are stressed or vulnerable. This hormone is released in pre- and post-birth in mothers and in all women when they during times of stress.
There is no doubt that biology plays an important role in our behaviours, but one can barely explain all the gender differences in that way. Doctor Judith Jordan (2010, p.216) points out that “the response to stress they found does not appear to be about just “getting support” or “calling a friend to complain” (nothing wrong with either of these), but there is a “befriend” piece. In our language, it is about something mutual–reaching out to give, reaching out to receive. It is about building connection, and to stretch it a bit, I think it is about the practice of building courage in connection”.
Being together helps us cope, helps us to feel that we are not alone, facing our vulnerabilities and anxieties, helps us to feel that we are part of something larger than our own particular fear. How many times have you heard as a compliment “you think like a man”? We are grown up in an individualistic society, cultivating courage and “being a man” is the highest exhortation in our culture, it carries a notion of courage, strength and pride. “Be a man” – you hear it so often. Regardless of who you actually are biologically and regardless of the mask you have chosen, ask yourself time to time: “am I a “real man” and do I really allow myself not to be one? Do I allow myself to be vulnerable and seek help?”.
Men and women…we are different, indeed, and perhaps different for a reason…

Taylor, S. E., Cousino Klein, L., Gruenewald, T. L., Guring, R. A. R., Lewis, B. P., & Upgdegraff, J. A. (2000). Behavioral responses to stress in females: Tend-andbefriend, not fight-or-flight. Psychological Review, 107(3), 411-429.

Jordan J.V. (2008) Valuing Vulnerability: New Definitions of Courage, Women & Therapy, 31 (2-4), 209-233, DOI: 10.1080/02703140802146399

By Anastasia Burelomov
Counseling Psychologist

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Attributes and Energies

There is only one creature and to Him belongs everything, hence everything we see and classify as an attribute such as generosity, love, knowledge, wisdom, richness are all attributes contained and combined into one supreme Being. Many attributes were revealed in many scriptures in different languages; such Adonia in Hebrew means Lord and Master, in Arabic for example Malik AL Mulk the Master of all Masters. ABA which in Aramaic means father, later turned by Christianity into the Father.
Attributes have been used to emphasize energies in form of words, a giving person would be referred to as generous, someone who takes care would be referred to as a fatherly figure. From this understanding you can now know why you have different Names of the Divine.

Names of Divine

To compile all the names of the Divine is no easy feat, as you would need to study different  spiritual schools of thought and most likely need to learn the language to be able to translate but even then you might not be able to translate it and give the word the justice it deserves. Hence Noon has decided to compile the 999 names of God or as many as it can without altering their meaning or translating them but it will give you the ultimate ways to connect to them.

Attention and Energy

Enough books have been written about the different realities that exist and we can change our reality by altering our perception and turning our attention towards a different segment of our life or simply by looking at something in a different way. Our mind is 99% of the time preoccupied with negative thoughts, this is why Mrs. Hay so wisely developed the use of affirmations to reprogram the mind, many people get results as this may be what is needed others don't as the energy that links you to the source of creation is not there hence your affirmation only makes you feel deprived.

The attributes of the divine are used to turn your attention and focus to that energy emanation from the spiritual world to a manifested world, through your continues WORK and effort you can start to focus your attention on that particular energy and strengthen your tie to that attribute by noticing it more and more. I urge you to choose names from your own cultural background so your mind and heart can understand and sync to this energy.

Mind and Heart

The human being has two central intelligence units one is the mind and the other is the heart. Much research has been done on the mind but it seems despite the “theory of mind over matter” no one has reached that capability to move a cup without lifting there finger. Hence the mind has a limited capability of receiving, judging and using the information. The heart well it neither has intellect nor emotions it is always at peace vibrating to a continuous movement generating a certain pumping sound. Science is just beginning to look into heart intelligence.

Hence the aim of using the Names of the divine is to reprogram the mind to focus on more positive aspects that you wish to manifest and the other is to open up your heart through belief and continues WORK to manifest desire through the grace of the Divine.

5 Senses

We have the five senses of which 3 are the most important, but only one emits energy while the other two only receive and take in energy. Reading takes in energy from letters and creates images, hearing attracts vibrational sound which helps through pulse to ease the heart pulse and also vibrates at a certain frequency. Hence it is important to understand that recitation is of the most important of all the methods but also visualization of the attribute comes into benefit.

How to Connect

If you are to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join our group you will see how Noon is compiling the Names of the Divine, through this compilation you can choose the attribute you feel you need most to connect to. After that create a mental image in your head of the meaning of this attribute visualize every aspect of it. Learn how to pronounce it in its right form.

The best times is dawn but you can do them before bed and when you wake up, but please note that the more you strive to do this with discipline the more results you will get but the choice is and always will be solely yours.

The sentence that is of vital importance is as follows “ I turn my attention towards the Holy Essence ***** May the Holy essence turn its attention towards me and ___ and ____ and ____” you list a minimum of three other people.

*** is the name of the attribute such as Gaffar, or Adonia

After you do this spend at least 10 minutes chanting the name in your mind or in a very low voice that you can barely hear. At the same time in accordance to your capability try to focus on your heart beat.

In your mind try to focus on how the letters look before you start.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BENEFIT DUE TO YOUR BELIEF IN YOUR HEART AND YOUR CONNECTION TO THE DIVINE. You will be also amazed in the results as sometimes it could be due to your belief system in your mind.

Of the Final note, the fact that it is not an affirmation linked to a made up sentence which could be true or false your mind cannot get attached to it. Hence the matter of surrender  and let go become easier.

Four Musketeers

Thinking of other people and sharing this kind of energy with them especially when you need to make a connection with them, it has a profound effect as you help raise their energy as well as yours.

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You are a dog, FULL STOP!

Let's start with a journey,  my horse, your dog and our characters.

Creation and Character, the way you are created is perfect; every spiritual book will tell you so, embrace all of who you are. SO you are either left confused or wondering how that fits with your ego, it seems that the ego is only talked about when you are sad, when your expectations have not been met and to encourage you to accept life as it is.

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals; they are fast, intelligent, affectionate so are the characteristics of your dog and so is the true nature of your creation. This is the exact explanation of embrace your self, love your self and believe in your self.

This image of a horse, a dog and your imaginary self is delusional. As the horse that you think is beautiful and rides so well,.is a result of hard work, YES hard work. The horse was not born with the discipline to ride from one place to another in a manner, in which he is told to go beautiful and graciously. Your dog does not pee on your carpet cause of discipline, barriers borders and rules that you have imposed on it so you can co-habituate.

Discipline and character are imperative to a person's transformation and success, any spiritual school that does not require you to examine the goodness and discipline of your character is not a true school of thought. So this is all good and easily said but what is goodness of character and how do you find your axis and middle point, you might say to me, I am loud and an extrovert this is my nature why should I change, you are right and no one is asking you to change that aspect of you, but be honest: the reason you are loud is because you need attention, or you were not heard enough when you are young, or you feel inferior.. there is an underlying cause to this trait of yours. Now think about it deeply and honestly with yourself about the reality of the reason you are loud.

Character is not a reference to morality, I believe that if you are interested in spirituality or even reading this, you understand that you must not kill, lie etc..

The next stage of evolution for humans is to better and perfect our characters, what does that mean? You would not feel so much love for your dog when he has peed and chewed all your shoes, same goes for your admiration for a horse left in a farm to its head and I mean literally to its head, those are not attractive sights. Every situation has its different axis, let's use a most common scenario, rush hour tube station, a line behind you, you are shy and cannot speak up to call the attendant to help, everyone is late .. it's nice for a girl to be shy, in this case no it is not. Now you are an aggressive person, you start banging your card and shouting at the attendant, the attendant and you have a fight and you delay the question, that's not goodness of character.

Hence goodness of character is not an intellectual guide line, this is why modern age spirituality and ancient wisdoms have discussed it little in a sense that is clear to be understood by us. How do you develop goodness of character if it is not something taught by the mind... This is something I will leave you to wonder about, I shall revisit this idea again with practical tools to ensure the building of an upright character but let me leave you tips that might help:

1.) Observe the roots of your actions and ask where do they come from and why am I doing this

2.) Truly deeply have the desire to change

Trained horses are worth a fortune, so is your trained beautiful dog and when you develop goodness of character image how invaluable you become..

By Jana Sharaf 
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Accidental Meditation

I always thought I am bad at meditating. Can't sit still and just turn my thoughts off for even 5 minutes.

Then I realized it's not only me; even the most spiritual people -most likely - thought same at some point of their lives, because we are all humans with a brain.

And I discovered that most of us already meditate - we just do it accidentally. Daydreaming, staring out a car window, the moments before we fall asleep... these moments where the mind wander are in fact meditation. We just need to create more opportunities to enter into this creative state.

So, next time you are sitting in a car, resist the urge to check your phone: just stare out the window. Cooking, cleaning or if you were like my husband prefers vacuuming.. these are very effective accidental meditation.

And once you start focusing more, you will enjoy it more. Maybe you can try my favorite: close your eyes, hold your breath and just listen to your heartbeat. 

Whether it is Brahman for Hindus, HaShem for Jews, Allah for Muslims, God for Christians, or any other name you give Him, listen to your heart and say His Name.        

By Heidi Shebaro    

Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger.                                        

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love, Passion, Lust, Smitten, Twin Flame, Soul Mate

Words with different meanings as we grow older read more books get more into complicated terminology what is the reality of the meaning of those words? Is love marriage? Is your soul mate your marriage partner? Religion will tell you one, your heart will tell you another, your mind will come in only to add to your confusion. The wish list with the deal breakers in the drawer is rattling all at the same moment.

Wait ... LOVE, HERO, STORY... LIFE .. the Mind wonders yet again seeking...

Who is your soul mate and how do you fall in love with him/her?  What if your soul mate was from a different religion? What if your soul mate was from the same sex? What if your soul mate was from a different tribe? What if your soul mate was on either side of the Arab-Israeli side?

This is not written to steer and help you find your soul mate, nor is it a guide line of where and how to attract him/her. There are no top 10 signs “If he is right for me”.
This is purely asking you a question, are you really willing to sacrifice all for the sake of finding your soul mate, love, twin flame...

If the answer is ‘no’ then you are thinking with your mind. Dont worry this is not a trick or punishment..and yes you will still get married, and have this amazing wedding in the four seasons. Yes, you will still have beautiful children, but in those deep moments of thought when your stomach is full, and you have just had sex, after you have slept on your warm bed with a mattress that costed you a fortune. Your soul will feel the banging emptiness of the missing goal. I say goal not person cause you don't miss a physical being you miss the learning curve of your destiny...

My guess is your impulse and reactive state drove you to the answer ‘YES’, but wait a second I am guessing you are single and ready for anything just to be with someone...Well the good part is welcome to enlightenment, the bad part is you are F*****!!!

If the answer is yes then think about your boundaries the most challenging things you cannot accept, the things you can not sacrifice, are you willing to let them go and grow with your soul mate? Cause if he/ she is truly your soul mate then they are like you but opposite..

“Like you but opposite” no I am not high.. they are like you attracted and longing for the same goal but getting to it they will choose the road that is opposite to yours. Their character will like the opposite color of yours in the spectrum, if you are a pushy person they are a calm person. They will trigger every anger impulse you have.. 

The work is hard and even then you are not sure if you are really with your soul mate, or you are holding steadfast to an unknown person making vague assumptions.

I know you are now curious, I will answer your question, just be patient.. 

Your other half can only be detected by the SAME ultimate goal .. the words ultimate and goal are of essential meaning.. ultimate is one of the things of God he is ultimate and your  goal is your final destination. Hence you and your other should have the Ultimate goal in common. Both parties should want to work towards this common goal at the same time.

While working on this common goal, keeping the goal in mind, and knowing that you will never be able to achieve this goal without him/her keeps you working together. NOT because you “love” each other but because you love the ultimate and that is your goal... You know that your rash decisions are slowed by his hesitation and slowness ultimately teaching you patience. You know that his disorganization is teaching your OCD the importance of ultimate understanding...

After years of tears, and heart aches, you will have the SAME life as with that of the random person you chose to spend your life with but as you fall asleep you will know that you became ultimate, that you loved ultimately, and gave ultimately, you overcame every form of self illusion.. You created a reality of PEACE, MERCY, COMPASSION and PROSPERITY.. you will have no regrets and you will be UNITED uniting much more than yourselves...

BUT is it worth it 

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"