Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Media and Muslim Women

Muslim Women, Media and Social Media

I recently attended a lecture with my aunt and was truly impressed with the moderate approach Islam is starting to take. As a communication consultant myself with a vested interest in Islam from both mystical and practical level, I felt that light should be shed on two areas by posing very practical questions: 

Is it the cakes fault you are bulimic ?

The usage of basic animal instinct (sex) to attract someone is due to the lack of ability to attract a partner by means of elevated consciousness, healthy self esteem, patience, and true value of what matters between men and women.

If we look at the essence of the problem its a lack of healthy connection to God, which leads to ever more destructive tendencies. The idea is to support women and men to integrate and have an independent connection to God in order to build healthy relationships with the inner self, the community and untimely to God.

Hence, it is important to encourage all elements that fall under the sex banner which is attraction, compassion, tolerance, love, mercy and family. Looking at sex from a healthy perspective embraces the unity amongst men and women, increases healthy dynamics with children, and builds constructive healthy societies.

Condemning women sexuality  reinforces the masculine, suppressing the feminine and making women resent themselves further more reinforcing negative tendencies and lack of connection to God.

Is smoking cannabis bad for you?

Cannabis is both a poison and a cure, depending on who your consumer is it can help you through the pain of cancer or it can be an excuse to leave your stressful life and achieve “nothing” in this world or hereafter. 

Same applies to social media and everything in life. As Hadith narrated in Boukari says “ Ina al aamal bil niyat” Its the intention and mindset that effects the outcome. 

Hence, the encouragement for our women in the community to use social media in a wise and constructive way by increasing the desire to share and learn positive message, is the healthy approach that scholars should take. Condemning social media and women in media in general also reinforces the problem by increased suppression.

This was written to aid the growth of the feminine is a healthy manner to build more stable nurturing societies as a whole.

By Jana Sharaf
Public affairs, Philosopher, and Founder of "NOON EVE"

Friday, May 9, 2014

Words & Actions

“Righteousness is a gift that comes to those who bring peace with their hands and tongues”

Righteous character yields trust in relationships, better jobs, and a better life all together.

Righteousness is a virtue that comes to people who strives to create peace amongst people with deeds and actions. This is important because in order to become of good moral standing we sometimes think that we need to pray or meditate more. 

The truth is prayer and meditation have to align with actions brought about by our hands.

Tongue is the most difficult for us to control, not cause we want to backbite, but because we release stress through talking. Words help release stress which is negative, unfortunately this negativity builds up more and more. Rendering a self fulfilling prophecy.

Exerting self restraint in matters of speech proves very fruitful in building positive energy and positive outcomes in relationships and life in general.

By Jana Sharaf
Public affairs, Philosopher, and Founder of "NOON EVE"

Monday, May 5, 2014

Revelations - A tool for creative growth

“Sometimes it (revelations) comes humming in my ears and I understand what it is revealing, sometimes the angel comes in a form of a man and I clearly understand what he is saying”

 A revelation is revealing an idea that is concealed.  Ideas are important parts of our growth, as they enhance creativity, innovation and problem solving.

The verse above is a narration showing 2 ways in which ideas (revelations) come to people.

1.) An idea that rings in your ear and you are forced to be captivated by it.

Sometimes we don't need to be dreaming, visualizing or mediating to have a great idea. While we walk we sometimes get a thought, that thought forms a complete pattern, with this pattern you get increased energy to act. This is a revelation. 

Revelations don't need to be logical, and you don't need to fight them back. Act upon your thoughts if they come with increased physical energy.

2.) Angels who are messenger come in the form of people.

Other times we receive ideas from other people. If we require help ask in the right way and set an intention for an answer observe how many other people will answer your question.

The more you listen the more you realize that humans around us are always giving us ideas, revelation and answering our questions. 

Don’t resist listen with an open heart.

By Jana Sharaf
Public affairs, Philosopher, and Founder of "NOON EVE"