Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“Give me more.....”

It is often that we find ourselves disappointed, we want something but it is not happening. Desire is one of the things that keeps us alive and moving. Its what gives us hope, its the motivation behind all of our actions. We are driven by desire to want more, to receive more money, love, sex, beauty or what ever we think defines us in this physical world. 

Desire is a healthy state of wanting in order to survive in this physical world, and this has been an eternal battle between between the physical and spiritual. No matter how many schools of thought have tried to intellectualize the process of desire some by complete suppression some by desire to share. The reality is that the minute you intellectualize an aspect of self as vital as desire your ego takes a rooting in it. Even your best motives and your best intentions become structures and tend to loose the spiritual essence in them. 

How do you maintain the balance in your desires? How do you stop your self from being enslaved by your work, your relationship, you ego? The best way is to master the desire.

The best way to become the master is to put the outcome of your desire with the hands of Divine intelligence otherwise known as God. If Divine Intelligence and you have the same agenda then be sure that your desire will manifest. How do you discover if your desire is the same as Divine Intelligence? 

Cleansing your intentions

Cleaning your intention comes from having a clean heart and not mind. Cleansing your heart is a process that has been intellectualized through morality and ethics but few of us harbor a clean heart, so what is the best way to heart cleansing. 

Forgiveness Tool

Forgiveness is not asking people to forgive you and its not forgiving your self. Its a literal meaning of sitting in a meditative post or just before you fall asleep and truly asking for forgiveness. At the start your ego will play tricks but continue doing it and slowly you will recall what you are asking for forgiveness for.

“ Please forgive me” or “ Forgive me” followed by a second of silence best done 100 times before bed should take up 3 minutes.

Benefits of Forgiveness Meditation:

  • increases sustenance
  • increases humility
  • increases heart to heart connections 
  • cleanses the intentions
  • aligns your desires with universal intelligence

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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