Friday, July 11, 2014

Create A Miracle

Leadership and miracles
There is one way to create miracles prophets have done it, saints do it, and this is the power of prayer.

God truly does answer :)
Please help create a miracle let's pray for unity and justice in the Middle East amongst all the sects. Unity not uniformity, hence love our differences and cherish our sameness.

Let's extend this energy to affect all the countries being divided.

2 steps to make this change:

Step 1:
To create this change pray at least once a day after Isha for the next 42 days with commitment, love. For unity amongst all Muslims, if needed special prayer is attached.

Step 2:
For the next 42 days help people around you at any cost. Make it priority, if anyone asks for help, help them unconditionally.

By doing so you put into practice what you asked for. Join us to share your story/make a suggestion contact us.

Be the leader of your destiny make the change you want to see happen.

Unity not uniformity :)
Thank you

By Jana Sharaf

 Founder of "NOON EVE"

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