Monday, November 24, 2014


Are you on the boat ?
One very cold night, two boats were sailing across the sea. When suddenly both at the same time saw something splashing in the distance. Upon approaching closer they say it was a boy swimming looking for the harbour. As kind and generous both boats helped. One put down a ladder for the boy and another a rope.
So the boy got confused, and he thought how will I pick. Both boats are kind, so he thought why me? Why have these boats come to me.
He looked closer at the boats, one had his family, the other had the map, but the map is not enough because the boat needs sailers.

So the boy thought great, I have an idea let's build a bridge between the two boats. So he screamed at the busy captains and at the top of his voice from the water he said "let's build a bridge". The captains of both ships did not think long and hard they knew it was a good idea one had the map and the other the sailers they could get to the harbour faster.
The captains had no idea who to start building this bridge cause as the people on the boat got involved they talked and debated on which boat they should sail, some could not make up there mind, other were not bothered, others wanted the money for the bridge and this went on and on until the boy decided to put one foot in each boat and be the bridge.
This way the boy thought they will be forced to sail at the same speed, as the days went by the map holders needed sugar and help on there boat the boat with the people had loads of food and people. So slowly the people started to look at each other across the boat and need each other, and they would throw each other stuff. Slowly they realised the boy holding the boats and asked how to build the bridge.

The boy knew how this will work, he only had to hold on long enough, equali enough, strong enough in both legs and the bridge will be built.
Surely the bridge was built and the ships arrived at the harbour and just before the ships were about to dock the boy wanted to jump into the water of nothingness again.
But just before he jumped someone asked him wait, what is your name " the name is Faith" wait you are a girl, I thought you are a boy. " did you think a boy can keep his legs open that long? "
The end

By Jana Sharaf

 Founder of "NOON EVE"

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