Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Law of Attraction: My Way

When I was 17 years old, I didn't know much about the power of the mind. I was in my room reading and I wanted "cotton candy", something I haven't had since I was a little kid, and was close to impossible to get.

I thought, "How will I get it?". I mean I was in the room, no shops around me that sell it, no one in the house to ask to go buy it for me....

I decided to draw a "cotton candy". I was so sure that tonight I will have some. I visualized that I would surely get it, and how happy I was to get my cotton candy.

I never read before about the LAW OF ATTRACTION. I don't think lot of people explained how it works back then.


Later that night, my dad came home from work with "cotton candy" in his hand. How did he know? Who told him? I mean it's been years since we had it, and it's not like we talked about it the night before or anything... But I got it! I got what I wanted.

Now I understand how it works. The law is so simple, THOUGHTS become THINGS. What you THINK is what you GET. Whether it was "cotton candy", that Ferrari car, or flying to the moon, I just want to tell you, GO get your dreams!

By Heidi Shebaro

Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger. 

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