Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Packing/ Buying your Inner Self

Every once in a while we go on holiday, move house or simply pack to go on a business trip. Just before our trip we shop for presents or we don’t, and just before our trip we think of the destination and how everything will be new or how you will continue your project. No matter the reason for your travels, packing is a very spiritual concept for those aware of what they are doing.

While you pack, your mind classifies what is important and what is not, your true prioritize starts to show. Whether it is in matters of packing or shopping for that trip, if you observe your thoughts carefully enough, you will notice a pattern of deeply rooted EGO, SATAN! Am I buying this to impress people, to be comfortable, do I care more about the image of how much money I make in front of my friends and family.... Those thoughts and categorization patterns are vital to understanding your inner workings and your intentions.. 

If you are not packing to go anywhere just observe your self while you do your Christmas shopping, is your x boss getting a better present than your mom just so you can prove to him how much money you make... This short blog is not to tell you the right or wrong prioritize, it's simply giving you a means to better understanding of your inner self. Priorities are very important as what you focus on in life grows and if your priority is to show love then that will grow, but if it is to show vainly things off then your vanity will grow.. 

Merry X Mas and Happy New Year I hope this small practical tool can help you shift your priorities thus making room for real things that make you happy!

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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