Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Motivate a woman to be a better woman

New year, new you. There are definitely lot of advices out there on how to motivate a woman to be a better woman. But I would like to focus on two words: You Matter.

You're going to say "TWO WORDS??!". Yes, two words when understood well can make whole of a difference.
Being valued for who you are not for what you know. Women forgets sometimes that they are essential in the world.
When we tell a young woman that she matters, we are inviting her into a life of service and action. Leadership is hard work and it comes with real responsibility. We help young leaders grow when we give them both, by telling them that they matter, and are accountable for it.
To matter means to be of consequence or importance to others.
It means you are significant, relevant, worthy of note and of crucial value. The world may not always affirm this. Your friends and family may not adequately communicate the importance of your presence in their lives.
But that doesn’t mean that what you do and who you are doesn’t have a profound impact on the world.
It does. The world would be a very different place – a lesser place – without you.
Happy New Year everyone! 

By Heidi Shebaro

Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger. 

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