Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am jealous- Help me!

When I was asked about jealousy 2 weeks ago, I started to write an article which is now long gone in the trash. The 1st version was too philosophical & the 2nd too academic. I did not feel like I had anything to say to this person that needed my help! I truly prayed to be able to help this person, and fortunately God answered my prayers. I now write from my heart, and the tools to overcome it come from experience  making them effective.

Jealousy is a deep rooted feeling of insecurity telling you that you are not good enough. The mind starts to protect itself to be able to hide the vulnerability of “not enough” creating more emptiness.The problem is its ALL A LIE,  lies only create an imaginary situation that does not exist, will never manifest and you are only empowering a power that does not exist.

The feeling of wanting something but the fear that you will not have it is an illusion, it's not reality for you need to know that you have, and will have everything you need in order to grow, become a better person and ultimately live a better life.

Deeper Factors of Jealousy:

Where does this fear of ‘not enough’ (emptiness) stem from, the truth is simple: from prior experience. It might not be the same situation on the surface and initially it might not even seem related, but somewhere along the lines you experienced loss or felt that something was taken from you. This feeling generated a strong thought and thus the linear working mind decided to start creating ways to protect itself.

STEPS 2 Recovery

The bright side is everything in life is desire, if you are willing to put enough effort in the right way you can change your jealousy by awareness and rearranging the content of your mind.


When you feel any negative emotion, observe if it is coming from fear and lack, if it is... then withdraw and let the thought go.


Connect to this particular idea, and come to believe it.

“The outcome of all affairs is determines by Divine decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it shall never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny from you it cannot flee”

Connecting to this simple truth can help you elevate from jealousy and take a path to your own ability and purpose in life.

Imitate Me:

Unaware reactive behavior causes a person to act on auto pilot, meaning that everything he does in action is predetermined by an over thinking mind which is not reality. This reactive mind causes you to imitate other people, wishing you had their life,creating more dissatisfaction as you are not the leader but an effect. This diminishes your power, making you more jealous, unhappy and the longer you refuse to change the more unhappy you will become..

I sincerely hope this article helps those in need, and may we be helped by divine grace to overcome this challenge.

By Jana Sharaf

Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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