Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Road to Arab Women Presidency

Last week, a mother signature became obligatory for children travel form in Lebanon. While it's a tiny step but definitely a new step forward for women rights. 

A long road ahead of Lebanese women and long long long road ahead of Arab women in general. 

It is inevitable to empower women and raise awareness of all the benefits a woman has the right to have in western countries yet in the Arab world they are still struggling.

Women, know that YOU MATTER! You are essential between your family, at your school, at your work... 

It helps if you found a woman idol whether it was a celebrity or just your mother you can evoke her soul. Whenever you needed to remind yourself to be strong, think of what that person would say or do.

And please stop being the drama queen. I know it's our title, but don't fall in the emotion circle and drown there. 

Handle insults and don't give compliments more than it should. Keep your self balanced. Don't be a tide!

Today we got a signature.. Tomorrow we will get the citizenship right and after salaries equality and next we will see a woman president in the Arab World!! 

"One can only dream", they say. But when thousands dream and millions dream, the dream has to kneel and become reality.

By Heidi Shebaro
Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger. 

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