Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dream A-way

How do you know which dreams are meaningful ones i.e what we call messages and which are nonsense i.e mind defragment? Both mind defragment and message dreams are actually messages, so why do we pay attention to some and not to others.

Most dreams that people have are a result of everyday stress and coping mechanism hence they should be carefully examined for patterns as those patterns shape our reality, but we are not looking into those dreams for symbology or actual stuff that become true, we are simply looking for patterns of fear, laziness, dissatisfaction etc.. Once brought to the surface and understood, it's unhealthy to linger or focus on such dreams as it becomes an obsession and hinders your growth. Mind defragment dreams should be seen for what they are coping strategy, we should understand them, improve ourselves but not FOCUS on them.

We look into message dreams to help us analyze our character, our true making, our purpose and to receive guidance beyond the 5 senses.. Message dreams are vital for our growth and connection to ourselves.So how do we know the difference, follow us on Facebook and you will slowly develop the ability to interpret your own dream.

"Noon Eve" has compiled a video explaining what happens when you sleep in the spiritual sense and why it is important to start observing both types of dreams...

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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