Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sleep Feelings

How to deal with Thoughts and Worries

Bedtime Wind-Down

·         A routine for 60-90 minutes before going to bed
·         That is – before the Threshold Time

Approximate Evening Time
Planned Schedule
10.00 – 11.15
Work/Activity Completed Relaxation time (reading boring books, TV, herbal teas, burning oils, soft music, relaxation exercises etc)

Pre-bed sequence (lock-up, change, wash)

Retire bed
Practice relaxation

Your bedtime Wind-Down shouldn’t become a source of anxiety for you.

Do your best to stick to it…

The aim is to do these kinds of things towards bedtime, in the right order,
which will lead to you feeling more relaxed…

Relaxation Training

Learning to relax is like learning a new skill.
It takes time and can mean changing the habits of a lifetime

The goal of relaxation is…relaxation
Relaxing is about “letting go”, not about striving…
Sleep comes more easily when you are relaxed

Your Relaxation Program

Here are steps you should follow for your relaxation program:

1.      Practice relaxation at a convenient time you have set aside.
2.      Wind down during the second half of the night.
3.      Slow down or stop doing work/activity 90 minutes before bed.
4.      Practice relaxation routine while in bed:
a)     Concentrate on breathing as a cue to the relaxation response
b)     Tense and relax muscles systematically.
c)      Take exercises slowly – do not over tense muscles.
5.      Practice, practice, practice…

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Good luck and sleep well!

Dr. Anastasia Burelomova
Trainee Counseling Psychologist

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