Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Accidental Meditation

I always thought I am bad at meditating. Can't sit still and just turn my thoughts off for even 5 minutes.

Then I realized it's not only me; even the most spiritual people -most likely - thought same at some point of their lives, because we are all humans with a brain.

And I discovered that most of us already meditate - we just do it accidentally. Daydreaming, staring out a car window, the moments before we fall asleep... these moments where the mind wander are in fact meditation. We just need to create more opportunities to enter into this creative state.

So, next time you are sitting in a car, resist the urge to check your phone: just stare out the window. Cooking, cleaning or if you were like my husband prefers vacuuming.. these are very effective accidental meditation.

And once you start focusing more, you will enjoy it more. Maybe you can try my favorite: close your eyes, hold your breath and just listen to your heartbeat. 

Whether it is Brahman for Hindus, HaShem for Jews, Allah for Muslims, God for Christians, or any other name you give Him, listen to your heart and say His Name.        

By Heidi Shebaro    

Founder of " The Kindness Project in the Middle East", a teacher and a blogger.                                        


  1. Good observation. Some may debate whether "zoning-out" is the same as meditation; whether unintentional meditation provides the same benefit as deliberate one-pointed focus. Regardless, for those who are early in their meditation practice, noticing and cultivating these accidental meditations is a great start.

    1. Thanks for understanding my point. It definitely is a good start, then by directing these small moments, things get evolved.

  2. Well, that actually happens with me too, though unfortunately! Since my puberty I have never been able to concentrate in lectures, I always got lost somewhere, thinking about something or someone.And then after a lull suddenly I would realize oh a lot of content is covered by the professor(Hell, not again!). I didn't knew that it was actually meditation or is it not?

    1. It's definitely a start. U need to have more control when these moments happen again. And maybe direct them more. Good luck :)