Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You are a dog, FULL STOP!

Let's start with a journey,  my horse, your dog and our characters.

Creation and Character, the way you are created is perfect; every spiritual book will tell you so, embrace all of who you are. SO you are either left confused or wondering how that fits with your ego, it seems that the ego is only talked about when you are sad, when your expectations have not been met and to encourage you to accept life as it is.

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals; they are fast, intelligent, affectionate so are the characteristics of your dog and so is the true nature of your creation. This is the exact explanation of embrace your self, love your self and believe in your self.

This image of a horse, a dog and your imaginary self is delusional. As the horse that you think is beautiful and rides so well,.is a result of hard work, YES hard work. The horse was not born with the discipline to ride from one place to another in a manner, in which he is told to go beautiful and graciously. Your dog does not pee on your carpet cause of discipline, barriers borders and rules that you have imposed on it so you can co-habituate.

Discipline and character are imperative to a person's transformation and success, any spiritual school that does not require you to examine the goodness and discipline of your character is not a true school of thought. So this is all good and easily said but what is goodness of character and how do you find your axis and middle point, you might say to me, I am loud and an extrovert this is my nature why should I change, you are right and no one is asking you to change that aspect of you, but be honest: the reason you are loud is because you need attention, or you were not heard enough when you are young, or you feel inferior.. there is an underlying cause to this trait of yours. Now think about it deeply and honestly with yourself about the reality of the reason you are loud.

Character is not a reference to morality, I believe that if you are interested in spirituality or even reading this, you understand that you must not kill, lie etc..

The next stage of evolution for humans is to better and perfect our characters, what does that mean? You would not feel so much love for your dog when he has peed and chewed all your shoes, same goes for your admiration for a horse left in a farm to its head and I mean literally to its head, those are not attractive sights. Every situation has its different axis, let's use a most common scenario, rush hour tube station, a line behind you, you are shy and cannot speak up to call the attendant to help, everyone is late .. it's nice for a girl to be shy, in this case no it is not. Now you are an aggressive person, you start banging your card and shouting at the attendant, the attendant and you have a fight and you delay the question, that's not goodness of character.

Hence goodness of character is not an intellectual guide line, this is why modern age spirituality and ancient wisdoms have discussed it little in a sense that is clear to be understood by us. How do you develop goodness of character if it is not something taught by the mind... This is something I will leave you to wonder about, I shall revisit this idea again with practical tools to ensure the building of an upright character but let me leave you tips that might help:

1.) Observe the roots of your actions and ask where do they come from and why am I doing this

2.) Truly deeply have the desire to change

Trained horses are worth a fortune, so is your trained beautiful dog and when you develop goodness of character image how invaluable you become..

By Jana Sharaf 
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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