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Attributes and Energies

There is only one creature and to Him belongs everything, hence everything we see and classify as an attribute such as generosity, love, knowledge, wisdom, richness are all attributes contained and combined into one supreme Being. Many attributes were revealed in many scriptures in different languages; such Adonia in Hebrew means Lord and Master, in Arabic for example Malik AL Mulk the Master of all Masters. ABA which in Aramaic means father, later turned by Christianity into the Father.
Attributes have been used to emphasize energies in form of words, a giving person would be referred to as generous, someone who takes care would be referred to as a fatherly figure. From this understanding you can now know why you have different Names of the Divine.

Names of Divine

To compile all the names of the Divine is no easy feat, as you would need to study different  spiritual schools of thought and most likely need to learn the language to be able to translate but even then you might not be able to translate it and give the word the justice it deserves. Hence Noon has decided to compile the 999 names of God or as many as it can without altering their meaning or translating them but it will give you the ultimate ways to connect to them.

Attention and Energy

Enough books have been written about the different realities that exist and we can change our reality by altering our perception and turning our attention towards a different segment of our life or simply by looking at something in a different way. Our mind is 99% of the time preoccupied with negative thoughts, this is why Mrs. Hay so wisely developed the use of affirmations to reprogram the mind, many people get results as this may be what is needed others don't as the energy that links you to the source of creation is not there hence your affirmation only makes you feel deprived.

The attributes of the divine are used to turn your attention and focus to that energy emanation from the spiritual world to a manifested world, through your continues WORK and effort you can start to focus your attention on that particular energy and strengthen your tie to that attribute by noticing it more and more. I urge you to choose names from your own cultural background so your mind and heart can understand and sync to this energy.

Mind and Heart

The human being has two central intelligence units one is the mind and the other is the heart. Much research has been done on the mind but it seems despite the “theory of mind over matter” no one has reached that capability to move a cup without lifting there finger. Hence the mind has a limited capability of receiving, judging and using the information. The heart well it neither has intellect nor emotions it is always at peace vibrating to a continuous movement generating a certain pumping sound. Science is just beginning to look into heart intelligence.

Hence the aim of using the Names of the divine is to reprogram the mind to focus on more positive aspects that you wish to manifest and the other is to open up your heart through belief and continues WORK to manifest desire through the grace of the Divine.

5 Senses

We have the five senses of which 3 are the most important, but only one emits energy while the other two only receive and take in energy. Reading takes in energy from letters and creates images, hearing attracts vibrational sound which helps through pulse to ease the heart pulse and also vibrates at a certain frequency. Hence it is important to understand that recitation is of the most important of all the methods but also visualization of the attribute comes into benefit.

How to Connect

If you are to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join our group you will see how Noon is compiling the Names of the Divine, through this compilation you can choose the attribute you feel you need most to connect to. After that create a mental image in your head of the meaning of this attribute visualize every aspect of it. Learn how to pronounce it in its right form.

The best times is dawn but you can do them before bed and when you wake up, but please note that the more you strive to do this with discipline the more results you will get but the choice is and always will be solely yours.

The sentence that is of vital importance is as follows “ I turn my attention towards the Holy Essence ***** May the Holy essence turn its attention towards me and ___ and ____ and ____” you list a minimum of three other people.

*** is the name of the attribute such as Gaffar, or Adonia

After you do this spend at least 10 minutes chanting the name in your mind or in a very low voice that you can barely hear. At the same time in accordance to your capability try to focus on your heart beat.

In your mind try to focus on how the letters look before you start.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BENEFIT DUE TO YOUR BELIEF IN YOUR HEART AND YOUR CONNECTION TO THE DIVINE. You will be also amazed in the results as sometimes it could be due to your belief system in your mind.

Of the Final note, the fact that it is not an affirmation linked to a made up sentence which could be true or false your mind cannot get attached to it. Hence the matter of surrender  and let go become easier.

Four Musketeers

Thinking of other people and sharing this kind of energy with them especially when you need to make a connection with them, it has a profound effect as you help raise their energy as well as yours.

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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