Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love, Passion, Lust, Smitten, Twin Flame, Soul Mate

Words with different meanings as we grow older read more books get more into complicated terminology what is the reality of the meaning of those words? Is love marriage? Is your soul mate your marriage partner? Religion will tell you one, your heart will tell you another, your mind will come in only to add to your confusion. The wish list with the deal breakers in the drawer is rattling all at the same moment.

Wait ... LOVE, HERO, STORY... LIFE .. the Mind wonders yet again seeking...

Who is your soul mate and how do you fall in love with him/her?  What if your soul mate was from a different religion? What if your soul mate was from the same sex? What if your soul mate was from a different tribe? What if your soul mate was on either side of the Arab-Israeli side?

This is not written to steer and help you find your soul mate, nor is it a guide line of where and how to attract him/her. There are no top 10 signs “If he is right for me”.
This is purely asking you a question, are you really willing to sacrifice all for the sake of finding your soul mate, love, twin flame...

If the answer is ‘no’ then you are thinking with your mind. Dont worry this is not a trick or punishment..and yes you will still get married, and have this amazing wedding in the four seasons. Yes, you will still have beautiful children, but in those deep moments of thought when your stomach is full, and you have just had sex, after you have slept on your warm bed with a mattress that costed you a fortune. Your soul will feel the banging emptiness of the missing goal. I say goal not person cause you don't miss a physical being you miss the learning curve of your destiny...

My guess is your impulse and reactive state drove you to the answer ‘YES’, but wait a second I am guessing you are single and ready for anything just to be with someone...Well the good part is welcome to enlightenment, the bad part is you are F*****!!!

If the answer is yes then think about your boundaries the most challenging things you cannot accept, the things you can not sacrifice, are you willing to let them go and grow with your soul mate? Cause if he/ she is truly your soul mate then they are like you but opposite..

“Like you but opposite” no I am not high.. they are like you attracted and longing for the same goal but getting to it they will choose the road that is opposite to yours. Their character will like the opposite color of yours in the spectrum, if you are a pushy person they are a calm person. They will trigger every anger impulse you have.. 

The work is hard and even then you are not sure if you are really with your soul mate, or you are holding steadfast to an unknown person making vague assumptions.

I know you are now curious, I will answer your question, just be patient.. 

Your other half can only be detected by the SAME ultimate goal .. the words ultimate and goal are of essential meaning.. ultimate is one of the things of God he is ultimate and your  goal is your final destination. Hence you and your other should have the Ultimate goal in common. Both parties should want to work towards this common goal at the same time.

While working on this common goal, keeping the goal in mind, and knowing that you will never be able to achieve this goal without him/her keeps you working together. NOT because you “love” each other but because you love the ultimate and that is your goal... You know that your rash decisions are slowed by his hesitation and slowness ultimately teaching you patience. You know that his disorganization is teaching your OCD the importance of ultimate understanding...

After years of tears, and heart aches, you will have the SAME life as with that of the random person you chose to spend your life with but as you fall asleep you will know that you became ultimate, that you loved ultimately, and gave ultimately, you overcame every form of self illusion.. You created a reality of PEACE, MERCY, COMPASSION and PROSPERITY.. you will have no regrets and you will be UNITED uniting much more than yourselves...

BUT is it worth it 

By Jana Sharaf
Political consultant, philosopher, dream analyst and founder of "NOON EVE"

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