Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reach Your Goals!

As we progress forward in life and think about the things we don’t like and fantasize about the things we do like. We form imaginary situations and fantasies that are linked to celebrity photoshopped pictures and movie scenes. We follow fantasies that lead us astray and away from our goals thus rendering us always unsatisfied and on the yo yo of up and down.

Through time we loose our objectives and look externally for satisfaction, we start to blame external circumstances for our unhappiness. What is worse we blame ourselves we are not disciplined enough, not good enough, and another battle of build your self esteem, leadership skills, I will talk more gently, I will be more submissive etc starts internally... The truth is your strengths are what you need to reach your goal your purpose in life. 
Your weaknesses/shortcomings are the challenges that will further motivate you and make you fail in order to reach your destination. Your shortcomings are the tool to perfect your journey in this life and make it worthwhile.

The weaknesses you condemn are not really an issue as they appear as indicators that  you are not following your path, you are truly unhappy and that is why weaknesses/ bad habits increase in number and in nature.

The weaknesses that you do posses that need to be overcome only show up at work, they are the things that you feel if you just push a little harder you will get to your objective, those are the real challenges that need to be overcome.

For example: You want to become a famous singer but have stage fear. This fear is what you need to push against this will make you work harder in order to cover your fear. If you want to be a singer to be famous and have a nice car and be like Beyonce you will most likely have stage fear, voice problems, trembling, and you will be tone deaf and the list will grow

Identify your objective:

“If following our objective was easy we will all be living happy fulfilled lives” Noon

  • What you thought you wanted to be when you grow up
  • What are the things you liked to study at school
  • Area of your life that you are struggling with
  • What you most talk about
  • The types of movies you mostly watch
  • Your resolutions what direction do they take you
  • Hobby, what are you known for

If we carefully observe the answers to these we will see a very distinct pattern. The weakness that you are facing is the area that you need to invest your time in. By investing your time in an area that you are struggling with you will find your true weaknesses and opportunities for growth. By slow introspection and empowering the area of our life that needs work we will see doors that open leading us to our goal.

By Jana Sharaf
Public affairs, Philosopher, and Founder of "NOON EVE"

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